6 Easy Ways to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring

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Welcome, spring! Here at Expert HVAC Services, we’re looking forward to more sunny days and warmer weather ahead in Central Ohio.

As the season begins to change, we recommend taking some time to check on your HVAC system. With a thorough inspection of your home and equipment, you can ensure that your system is operating at the highest level of efficiency. This can improve your indoor air quality and help lower your monthly bills.

Not sure where to start? Here are easy ways to check and prepare your HVAC system for the spring season.

Check your air filter

To start, your air filter should be replaced once every 30-90 days, depending on your home or business. If it’s been some time since you last checked, the spring is the perfect time to inspect your filter for any clogs or dirt. If it’s clogged with dust, animal hair, or other debris, it’s time for a replacement. Choosing a high efficiency HEPA air filter can help further improve your indoor air quality.

Test your thermostat

Likely, you’ve been running your heat most of the winter. With spring coming up, it’s a good time to test your thermostat and AC to ensure they’re working properly. Additionally, you may want to consider making the switch to a programmable thermostat, if you haven’t done so already. By upgrading to a programmable or smart thermostat, you can set a schedule or routine for your heating and cooling, improving your HVAC system’s overall efficiency.

Clean your outdoor equipment

If you have outdoor equipment like an AC condenser unit, it often gets covered in debris like snow and leaves during the winter. Clean your equipment and the area around it to prevent any clogs or damage to your unit. Leaving at least two feet of clear space around the condenser is ideal to prevent any issues.

Inspect ducts, insulation, and lines

Visually inspect HVAC equipment like your air ducts, home insulation, pipe insulation, and condensate lines. Check for any liquid or air leaks, which can cause your system to work harder or lead to more damage. If you notice anything leaking, strange odors, or anything else out of the ordinary, contact your local HVAC experts to inspect the situation. Since some leaks can be dangerous, it’s usually best to leave any repairs to the professionals.

Clean your supply vents and registers

Carefully clean your supply vents and registers indoors to remove any buildup like dust or hair. Use a vacuum to carefully remove debris from the vents. You can also remove them and gently wash with a damp washcloth. This will help lower the number of allergens and other airborne particles circulating through your home or clogging your unit. Additionally, keeping your entire home or business clean year-round will help improve your indoor air quality and overall energy efficiency.

Schedule maintenance

Finally, you should schedule a spring maintenance appointment with a trusted HVAC company. A trained technician can come examine your system to ensure it’s in the best working order and identify any potential problems. Preventive maintenance can help you save money in the long term by avoiding unexpected, expensive breakdowns.

In the Central Ohio area? Schedule a season maintenance appointment with Expert HVAC Services. We’re a family-owned company in Groveport, Ohio that offers affordable, reliable HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacement services for both residential and commercial properties. Contact us today to set up your spring service!

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