7 Ways to Lower Your AC Costs This Summer

How to Save on Air Conditioner Costs this Summer

Every summer, as the temperature begins to rise, so does your energy bill. This year, rising food and gas prices may be adding even more strain to your budget.

With prices increasing across the board, finding small ways to cut costs can turn into significant savings. To help you keep your AC costs low, we’ve put together some useful tips.

1. Replace your air filter

There are plenty of reasons to check your air filter and replace it regularly. One of the top benefits is a reduction in energy costs.

When your air filter gets clogged with dirt and grime, your AC has to put in more effort to keep your home or office cool. The additional usage can cause your energy bills to skyrocket.

Not to mention, it puts additional strain on your system. This can lead to more frequent breakdowns and costly repairs. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your filter, it’s probably a good time for a replacement.

2. Install a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat, like a smart thermostat, can go a long way toward energy savings. With a programmable thermostat, you can customize your indoor temperature to match your needs and schedule.

If you work at an office, you can set your AC to turn on during your commute home. With a smart thermostat, you can adjust your settings from anywhere using your phone.

3. Use strategically placed fans

Ceiling fans and other types of fans placed throughout your house help with circulation and cooling. It costs less to power a fan than your AC, so running both together while keeping your AC at a slightly higher temperature can save you cash.

Or you can alternate between the two to better circulate your AC’s cold air and reduce your costs even further. Box fans can be placed in windows or in between rooms with AC to better circulate cool air.

4. Keep your windows covered

During the summer months, 76% of the sunlight that comes through your windows enters your house or office as heat. Using curtains or drapes to block light during the daytime can prevent that heat from accumulating in your home and making your AC work harder.

Covers also act as insulation to prevent the cold air from getting out. An operable window covering lets you alternate between many different options like screens, awnings, or shades. This lets natural light through while reducing the amount of heat produced.

5. Switch to a higher efficiency system

If your AC is an older model, it may be time to switch to a more energy-efficient system. There are a number of different options and types of air conditioners on the market if you’re looking to upgrade.

In general, we recommend consulting with a professional to determine the right option for your home or business.

When shopping for a machine, ENERGY STAR® and EnergyGuide labels indicate that a specific model is more efficient than the standard. Typically, this means a 15% increase in efficiency.

6. Upgrade your windows

Older windows can cause leaks that let your AC’s cold air escape or let warm air inside. Newer windows are usually more energy-efficient. If your windows are more than 15 years old, it may be time to consider an upgrade.

In addition to installing new windows, you can use caulking or weather stripping to further prevent air leaks. Added insulation is another way to keep the warm air out. These upgrades help ensure your system is working at full efficiency, keeping energy costs down.

7. Get seasonal AC maintenance

Regular HVAC system maintenance is key to ensuring your overall costs are low. A seasonal maintenance check means small system issues get addressed before turning into expensive repairs or replacements.

Before temperatures start to soar, schedule a technician to come out and evaluate your AC. They can diagnose problems and tune up your system to ensure it’s running as efficiently as possible. If they run into issues, they can make recommendations and answer any questions you may have on the spot.

Looking for ways to cut your AC costs this summer?

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